Official Server Features:

- Renewal Features

- Episode 16.1

- Third Class, Kagerou, Oboro, Rebellion, Doram jobs and All Working Skills

- New BattleGround System

- New Navigation System

- WoE will be running on Wednesday,  Sunday with different castles for each WoE.

- Official Bank system.

- Fully-working Dewata, El Dicastes, Mora Quest, & Malangdo.

- Official Cash Shop.

- Endless Tower, Bakonawa Lake, Bangungot Hospital, Buawaya Cave, Hazy Forest, Octopus Cave, Old Glastheim and other Instanced dungeons!

- Much More!


Custom Server Features

- Use @commands to know every available commands

- Automatic Town Invasions twice a day, MvP Ladder, Devil Square Event, Cluckers Event, Dice Event, Daily Hunting Missions and more !

- GM Host Events

- Balanced PvP !

- Vote For Points Shop to get every donation items for free!

- Unique PvP Shop !

- God Item

- Party Share Limit: 999 Levels differences

- MVP Spawn time decreased by half

- Twice as many mobs

- Same Sex-Marriage

- Autotrade persistency: Keep your shops online after a server restart

- Guild Storage from Castles.

- Unlimited Castles & 1 Guild alliance maximum per Guild.

- Slotted sunglasses quest available ! Slotted Sunglasses Quest Guide

- A Starter Pack is available as freebies ! Read this topic to  know its content: Freebies content

- You can find a list of all the modified skills on this page: Balanced Skills List

- Much More!



- Rates: 1M/1M/10% (Base Exp / Job Exp / Drop Rate)

- Max Base Level: 999

- Max Job Level: 120

- Max Stats: 500

- Max ASPD: 199

- Homunculus Intimacy rate: 50x

- Homunculus Exp Rate: 5x

- Pet Intimacy Rate: 10x

Main Server Hardware & Network

- Dedicated Hardware

- Intel Xeon E3-1245v2 Quad Processors @ 3.2GHz 8MB cache


- 2x2Tb SoftRaid.

- Gigabit network ports

- Unlimited and unmetered clean bandwidth

- DDoS protection and mitigation - does this mean we are immune? No - but it means we are pretty well protected.


We work hard to bring you the BEST Renewal gaming experience!

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